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Jackson Fowler

 I am a branded-entertainment film production graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design. I am a hard worker with strong editing and cinematography skills, eager to learn and build upon my existing film industry knowledge.


As a filmmaker, photographer, and creator, I break down the technical and psychological elements of each project, attempting to draw very specific emotions out of someone, creating memories, taking an idea, and making it a visual reality. My ideas never come from the same place twice. I travel all around the country for different clients and personal projects. These opportunities allow me to gain new artistic perspectives far from home, triggering my creative mind. On these trips, I began to brainstorm different ideas for future client and personal projects. Other ideas can form from dreams or a spark of interest as a result of observing other artists' work. My best photography and films are the results of a dramatic shift in inspiration. No matter where I travel to or where my ideas come from, the overall objective is always the same. My work is unique and sticks out from other artists due to my focus on the emotional and dramatic elements in my work. Special attention to detail and personality is what propels and particularizes my fabrication. Furthermore, separating my photos and films from other artists.

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